In the healthcare industry, patient care is always the most critical focus. You want assurance that your IT systems are helping to improve your operations, ensuring your business is always running smoothly. We aim to alleviate any worry about your medical IT needs, so you don’t even have to think about your technology; we’ve got the whole thing covered.

We know that no two healthcare organization’s needs are alike; you need unique, strategic solutions designed to help you thrive. That’s why we do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach. LA Medical IT works with you to design tailored IT services and solutions to meet your business requirements now and in the future.

Healthcare and Medical IT Services

Hospitals, practices, and clinics continually deploy new technology for physicians and staff to work more efficiently. LA Medical IT can manage the implementation and maintenance process to assist you lower lifetime support costs and reduce exposure to security risks.

Our LA Medical IT Services and Consulting Services deliver our healthcare clients the following:

  • Our managed security solutions ensure your network is protected against spam and other risky viruses. Plus, we examine your processes to make sure you’re following HIPAA compliance standards.
  • With business continuity solutions in place and strategic planning for your practice, you have got peace of mind knowing that your livelihood will never be compromised, and your clients are going to be happy knowing you provide them with a high-quality level of patient care.
  • Learn how cloud services promise enormous benefits for the healthcare industry, providing you with the liberty and mobility to access files electronically and from whatever device is most convenient. All of our solutions keep security in mind, so you recognize that when you’re storing or sending sensitive files, they’re always protected.

Healthcare and Medical IT Services

IT Help Desk Services

IT Help Desk Services by LA Medical IT

Each step in our help desk outsourcing process is intended to deal with end-user issues promptly and effectively. Our comprehensive, high-quality LA Medical IT Help Desk Services specialize in maintaining the very best level of support for your end users, without increasing costs. Leaving you to target what’s most vital to you – your business!

LA Medical IT’s Help Desk services guarantee client satisfaction in these distinct ways:

  • Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction knowing that our highly trained experts are available 24/7, 7 days per week either remotely or on-site. Calls are handled promptly and professionally, so clients receive the help they need as quickly as possible.
  • Greatly reduce your business operating prices through increased leverage of remote support services and self-service capabilities.
  • Increase staff efficiencies and productivity with our outsourced IT Help Desk experts. Also helping improve your bottom line.
  • Improving your company’s service levels through continuous process improvements; leading to better quality and lower costs.


LA Medical IT helps you understand and navigate the ever-changing IT environment. Whether you seek ongoing IT support or a complete infrastructure design or redesign, you’ll figure us for a proactive approach with enterprise-level quality and scalability.
Only then can we present you with solid, cost-effective IT system. We do that by ensuring we are in sync together with your business goals.


  • We carefully plan your solution for present and future business and IT needs.
  • We match your business and budget requirements with the acceptable level of enterprise solutions.
  • We build it right the first time with scalability, automation, and centralization.
  • We proactively manage your IT infrastructure to optimize performance and availability.
  • We provide 24/7 monitoring of your network and significant applications.

LA Medical IT delivers enterprise-level managed IT services to small and medium-sized healthcare companies

Look through our managed IT services, cloud computing and repair management, customized IT services and virtual CIO services to work out how a partnership with LA Medical IT can benefit your business.

Managed IT For Outpatient Medical Practices

LA Medical IT is a full-service IT support company for medical offices nationwide. Our customer focus is specific: outpatient healthcare organizations. Healthcare is all we do, and it’s our 100% organizational focus.

Why does it matter that we use an IT support company that is healthcare focused?

The IT and data security requirements of medical practices are very different from other types of businesses. From labs to interfaces, medical equipment and devices to medical records data retention laws – it’s important to work with a HIPAA-compliant IT company that specializes in the healthcare industry.

Does Your Practice Experience Issues That Are Difficult To Diagnose?

Have you experienced issues where you were not sure if the problem was IT infrastructure? Few IT companies offer comprehensive IT services. The trouble with this “hands off” approach to IT support and security is that many issues cannot be successfully and permanently resolved without attention to your software as well as your IT components. 

Does Your Staff or Providers Complain About Your IT Systems?

IT issues can be incredibly frustrating for staff and clients alike. Does your staff complain about hardware configuration errors, connectivity problems, or integration breakdowns? These serious issues can negatively impact an entire enterprise. If you are considering replacing your IT infrastructure due to any of the aforementioned issues, you should conduct a comprehensive IT audit first.

Does It Take Calls With Multiple Vendors To Resolve Issues?

When you call your IT vendor’s software support line, it is unlikely that the person taking your call will be unable to troubleshoot even basic IT issues. General IT vendors may struggle with diagnosing and resolving your practice’s IT issues if they aren’t familiar with your specific electronic medical records software system.

Does Your IT Vendor Specialize in Healthcare IT?

It is essential that your IT vendor deeply understands HIPAA requirements, the business-associate relationship, and the serious responsibilities entailed with overseeing devices and equipment that interact with Protected Health Information (PHI). Your IT vendor should be well-versed in providing you with technical assistance to help you complete your annual HIPAA security risk assessment.

>LA Medical IT offers a comprehensive IT department which will troubleshoot and resolve most issues remotely. Our technicians may visit your office for brand new system installations and emergencies. >

>By using LA Medical IT for your IT support needs, you have one number to call to address each particular issue – improving the productivity of your staff by speeding up the resolution of your issues. >